Saving People and Planet

We take our responsibility to be good stewards to the planet very seriously. We try to use the most sustainable method both ecologically and economically in every way we can. To meet this goal we: 

  • Use local purveyors which keeps the money within our community and supports local small business. According to $68 for every $100 stays in the community when spent at a local business. When spending the same at a non-local business like a national chain, only $43 stays in your community.

  • Give used equipment and tools a second life by upcycling, like we have done with our fermenters. We obtained decommissioned beer kegs and transformed them into brew buckets by cutting off the tops and adding a spigot to the bottom. The high quality stainless steel is perfect for brewing jun in. It saved us money and kept usable material out of a landfill. Thank you Uinta Brewing Co., Epic Brewing Company, and Red Rock Brewing Company for your support!!

  • Use cans for our single use packaging method which we think is the best compared to plastic & glass.

  • E6PR. We are proud to use E6PR™ for our 6 pack packaging. They are made with by-products from the beer brewing industry and other compostable materials. “When disposed of properly, the E6PR™ finds its way to a compostable facility, where it will degrade in days, and when, unfortunately, left out in open land or a water system, it will degrade in a matter of weeks.” -E6PR website. No more strangled turtles!!

  • Local Honey. Instead of using sugar, we are supporting a local small business that keeps bees responsibly. It costs a lot more to use but we feel that it’s a worthy investment to help the local environment and economy.

  • Keep things simple. We are minimalists always trying to reduce our impact. We will always compost materials that can be composted and recycle materials that can be recycled. For example: Our biggest byproduct in the brewing process is organic waste (think tea, herbs, and fruit bits). Once used in our facility we will turn it into fertilizer in our gardens.