Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jun?

Jun (pronounced like Sun with a J) is a slightly sweet, mildly tart, and smoothly effervescent beverage made by fermenting tea using a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast known as a SCOBY. What differentiates it from kombucha is the use of honey for fermentation instead of cane sugar and green tea rather than black tea. Jun shares all the benefits of kombucha such as probiotic microbes, detoxifying organic acids, and B-vitamins, plus the magic of honey. It is believed to aid in balanced digestion, weight management, mood regulation, and increased energy.

Does jun need to be refrigerated?


How long will a can or growler last in my fridge?

Jun has a fairly long shelf life. We say about 6 months. Jun has high acidity, protecting it against pathogens and spoilage. 

How long will the carbonation last if I am always opening and closing my growler?

Carbonation should last as long as it takes to finish your growler. However, if you would like it a bit more bubbly, you can leave it on your counter while you are at work and let the probiotics naturally carbonate it for you. Just pop it back in the fridge when you get home, let it cool off overnight, and enjoy in the morning.

Do you pasteurize your jun?

We most certainly do not. All of the magic would be lost if we destroyed the living organisms.

Should caution be taken by women who are pregnant or nursing?

Yes, consult your primary care physician before consuming as with all fermented foods.

Is Rock Canyon Elixirs organic?

At this time Rock Canyon Elixirs is not a certified organic product. We use certified organic plants to the extent possible. Additionally, certified organic honey is hard to come by because bees forage so far from their hives that it’s hard to test their entire range. Our bees are kept in the Wasatch Mountains where there is no industrial or chemical agriculture but is not certified organic. We hope to be a certified organic producer in the near future. 

Is it vegan?

That’s up to each individual and how they define their diet. Many vegans eat honey when they can trace it back to a responsible beekeeper who treats their bees well. 

Is it alcoholic?

No, it is a non-alcoholic beverage. We are held to strict maximum alcohol levels of 0.5%. We send samples to be tested quarterly, and the results have been indicating we are always well below that mark. We maintain precise controls during brewing to replicate batches and maintain very low alcohol levels. However, we are interested in developing an alcoholic jun line in the future. Keep an eye out for that! 

Is the SCOBY a mushroom?

Nope. Some people affectionately call the zoogleal mat that grows on top of the jun a mushroom, but it is not. The Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast is both the zoogleal mat (also known as a pellicle) and the liquid itself.

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